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History of Artgym




Artgym started in 2004. Back then it was called People Brands.


We developed a transformational way of working with individuals, teams and organisations that relied on people’s creativity to drive innovation and change.


Fast forward to 2008 and we were using our unique creative approach to lead cultural transformation projects for some of the world’s leading brands. We also picked up some major international awards for our work, along the way.


In 2010, we won funding from the UK Government to test our methodology within local communities. It was a big success. The work was showcased in exhibitions across London and we called the project Artgym.


In 2015, People Brands joined forces with Realise U, a successful coaching and mentoring business. And that’s when we decided to change our name to Artgym.


In 2016, we launched Artgym Academy with the first generation of our Advanced Diploma – the world’s only professional qualification in creative collaboration.

2017 was a big year. We opened an office in Shanghai and we won 10 more international awards for our work.


2018 saw the launch of our virtual academy.


Since we started we’ve worked with leading brands such as adidas, Sony Music, and EY, as well as with communities like Kingston-Upon-Thames.