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Why does business need creativity

Why does business need creativity?


The way we work in the 21st century is being radically transformed by increasing levels of complexity, the speed of technological development, more project-based relationships and a growing desire for more meaningful, purpose-driven work.

As we move away from hierarchies to more agile, project-based eco-systems, businesses must re-wire their organisations for this new age. Creativity fuels innovation, change and transformation. That’s why we are entering an age where creativity is being recognised as our greatest human resource, and creative collaboration as critical to success.

With over 14 years’ experience in working with some of the world’s leading organisations, Artgym is a market leader in applied creativity. We’re highly skilled in releasing the creative potential of individuals and facilitating creative collaborations across teams, organisations and communities. It’s by using our experience, expertise and methodologies that we can identify and develop talented individuals to unleash the power of their creativity.