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Artgym Academy courses are for people who want to create the new and shape the world around them. 

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Facilitating Creative Collabo...

Learn how to lead profound change in a group, organisation & community – based...

4 Lessons included in this course

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Lead Like A River

Your journey of self-discovery in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

3 Lessons included in this course

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Free Workout – Discover the L...

Use nine Leadership Archetypes to create your vision of the leader you want to...

1 Lesson included in this course


Facilitating Creative Collabo...

Learn how to lead profound change in a group, organisation & community – based...

8 Lessons included in this course


Free Workout – My Creative Self

Discover the positive difference you make to the people around you.

1 Lesson included in this course


Free Workout – Creative Probl...

Help unblock your team’s creativity, generate fresh ideas and find solutions to...

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Creativity is our greatest human resource. And, in this fast-changing world, thinking creatively is more important than ever. That’s because creativity drives innovation, collaboration and change. But for most people it’s locked inside.

Artgym is a change agency. We work with people who want to create the new and shape the world around them. Our work is ground-breaking and we’ve won many international awards for it. We work with the likes of Sony, EY, Adidas and Capgemini. We help them release the creative potential of their people so that their talent flourishes, their people work smarter together and they grow inspiring leaders. 

We have launched Artgym Academy to do the same for you. We are offering exceptional learning experiences that will enable you to release your creativity, unleash the creativity of those you lead and put it to work to deliver extraordinary results.


There are five types of people who benefit the most from Artgym Academy’s courses. Are you one of them?


1. The Mark Maker. “I am looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd – both at my company and in my career. I am ambitious to reach the next level and am ready to overcome any challenge. I want to learn skills that help set me apart from others.”

2.  The Tribe Seeker. “I am looking for a community for two reasons. The first is that I want to build meaningful, lasting connections with other people. I think a great way to achieve this is through a shared, intensive experience. The second reason is that I want to be challenged and inspired by the people around me and learn from my peers.”


3.  The Purpose Seeker. “I am experienced and successful in my career, but I feel there’s something is missing in my life. I don’t have a destination in mind, but I hope that a life-changing journey will help me learn more about who I am and what I really want to do. I want a balance of practical knowhow and personal reflection.”


4.  The Stretch Seeker. “I am happy generally with my career path. I am not looking for a big change, but rather improvement and enhancement. I want to develop in areas that will benefit me, based on my existing context and skillset.  I need the learning to be relevant to my work and I need to know this will be worth my time and resources.”

5.  The Leap Seeker. “I’m ready to make the next move. I’m seeking to look outside what I’m currently doing and make the leap to a new path in my professional life. Sometimes I feel confident and other times I’m scared about the unknown. But, I feel sure it’s time for a change. I need to explore different options and I need support from mentors.”




We’re bringing Artgym’s expertise and award-winning techniques and offering it to you in the form of exceptional learning experiences that are designed to inspire you, stretch you and help you realise your highest ambitions. Our courses are specifically for professionals who want to transform their lives and make tomorrow extraordinary.

We’re doing this because our mission is to grow a global community of practitioners skilled in releasing the creative potential of others. Our team of tutors from business, academia and the arts have helped shape the world around us and will challenge and support you to do the same. 

We design our courses so they mix self-directed learning with structured support and collaboration, as we believe it delivers a more transformational learning experience.  Our courses provide opportunities to learn directly from experts and peers in both online and face-to-face learning environments, while also conducting your own, individual work.   

Come and join the growing community of practitioners committed to putting creativity to good work in the world. We’ll help take your career from good to great.

Here are the top ten reasons why people take our courses


1.   I want to get recognition at work and reach the next level. 


2.   I want to learn in order to get the career advancement I’m looking for. 


3.   I want to be challenged and inspired by others to help me grow and improve.


4.   I want to make meaningful connections and feel like I am part of a group.


5.   Something is missing in my life so I need to seek my calling.


6.   I want to embark on an inner journey to find my true authentic self.


7.   I’m looking or a useful “toolkit” – methods, models, ways of thinking – that I can apply in my current work.


8.   I’m looking for qualifications and accreditation but I also want to feel that I have grown.


9.   It’s time for a complete change.


10.  I want to take my career in a new direction.

We purposely design our courses so they mix personal autonomy with the support of others, as we believe it delivers a more transformational learning experience.  And we combine online learning, where you can study at a time to suit you, with face-to-face learning where you learn directly from experts and peers.

Self-directed learning

You will have the opportunity to work on your own and determine your own learning, but within a structure.

Collaborative learning

We believe the best way to inspire creativity is through collaboration with peers and receiving feedback from others.

Live face-to-face learning

Some of our courses involve attending live events where you can meet fellow change-makers and get to know them better.

Virtual learning

Through HowNow you will have access to online lessons to support and guide you while you learn at your own pace.