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About Artgym



What makes Artgym Academy different is we know how to release your greatest human resource: your creativity.


It’s all about fulfilling your talent, inspiring you to become the best possible leader you can and understanding how you can work smarter together. 


We offer courses to people who want to create the new and shape the world around them. Creativity drives innovation, change and transformation. That’s why we believe by releasing your creativity, you have the power to create an extraordinary tomorrow.





We do this because we believe the 21st century will be shaped by those individuals who can successfully lead creative collaboration.

In fact, creative intelligence is becoming the essential attribute for every successful leader.

The more complex and fast-paced the world becomes, the more business leaders need to use their creativity to meet its challenges. Sensing, experimenting, improvising, innovating and collaborating are the important leader skills of today. And all these skills are born out of your innate creativity.

We will help you master the art of leading yourself, leading others and leading change, both in business and the world – so that you can put your creativity at the heart of everything you do.

We call it creative intelligence for 21st century leaders.




So, how do we go about releasing your creativity? 


Artgym Academy’s model for designing and delivering learning is:

Mindset + Practice = Performance



You will be encouraged to learn how you learn. You need to understand your intrinsic motivation to try new things, experiment and change behaviours in order to strive to be the best you can.



You will be constantly given the opportunity to experiment and practice with new skills in groups and with peers. 



You will apply your learning to your own real world, real-time business challenges and then have the chance to demonstrate the impact you’ve made.





We’re very proud to have received over 15 international awards for our work.