Lead Like A River

Lead Like A River

Your journey of self-discovery in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

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About this course

Discover that point where the world’s deep hunger and your deep gladness meet

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what’s next in my life?’, then Lead Like a River has been specifically designed for you. 

You want to harness your talent, skills and experience and redirect them in a new way so you can make a meaningful difference to the world. However you need the right time, space and support to help you come up with a clear idea of the next chapter in your life. 

Your path to clarity and vision

Lead Like a River is an eight-day outer adventure and inner journey of discovery that will enable you to find the answer you’ve been seeking. Ranked in The Times (UK) top 20 Life-Changing experiences, it combines the extraordinary landscape of the High Atlas mountains with the power of contemporary leadership principles to help you gain clarity so you can lead your life with purpose.

Why is it called Lead Like a River?

Consider the power of a great river. It starts as a simple trickle high up in the mountains, steadily gathering force and transforming the ground it touches. What if you could lead like a river? Where does the source of your inspiration lie? How do you gather force? How do you use your energy to make a difference to the world around you?

If you find yourself at a fork in the road, Lead Like a River will guide you to the correct path to follow. It’s your call to the adventure of a lifetime. 

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The extraordinary landscape of the High Atlas will stimulate your physical senses, your self reflection and your imagination.


You will benefit from the powerful combination of group work, guided exercises in nature as well as solo time.


You will be part of a group of fellow seekers with whom you will forge strong bonds that provide a network of support.


You will be supported throughout by your Course Guides and Mentors, Trebbe Johnson and Eugene Hughes, both highly experienced and respected practitioners.


You will learn how to address your own inner critic and let go of self-limiting beliefs.


You will experience a new sense of vitality and vest for life that will inspire you into action.


Through the process, You will reconnect with what’s truly important to you and gain clarity on what’s calling you next.


Proclaimed by past participants as a life changing experience, Lead Like a River will be the threshold to the next chapter in your life.

Meet the expert

Eugene Hughes

Eugene is a Psychotherapist, multi-award winning Creative Director and Chief Executive of Artgym. A certified master coach, group facilitator and licensed psychotherapist with training in Gestalt, Transactional Analysis and Psychodynamics, Eugene will supervise the Action Learning Sets.

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