Free Workout – Creative Problem Solving

Free Workout – Creative Problem Solving

Help unblock your team’s creativity, generate fresh ideas and find solutions to problems

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About this course

Unblock your team's creativity

For leaders, managers, coaches and facilitators.

This is a great design thinking exercise to help teams generate fresh ideas and find creative solutions to problems. 

When we think of team problem solving, the image conjured in our minds is of a group of people in a room and lots of paper, pens and post-its. This exercise gets your team out of the room and into the world in order to explore, find inspiration and generate new insights about a problem. 

This session is designed as a preparation session for brainstorming and creating ideas around a problem. It involves six steps:

1. Find a problem to solve

2. Create your ‘how might we….’ question to reframe the problem

3. Get ready to go walkabout with your camera and notepad

4. Go walkabout in pairs, trios or solo and enjoy wandering with an open mind

5. Collate your walkabout exhibition of the found objects, images and video footage

6. Invite each team member to share a story of his or her walkabout experience. 

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Creative Problem Solving

Meet the expert

Louise Austin

Louise is the Course Director for the UK Advanced Diploma, as well as being Artgym’s Research Director and the Course Director for the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education. For the Shanghai Advanced Diploma, Louise serves as a course tutor.

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